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Armaf Perfumes and Colognes

Armaf is a leading perfume company that has made a tasteful impact worldwide with its high-end perfume range. Currently, the company has rolled out over 100 perfumes, each of which has gained a great response from perfume enthusiasts. It is a middle eastern company that started as a perfume bottle manufacturer in the perfumery industry. However, as time passed, the perfume giant decided to make its mark with top-notch fragrances. Even though the perfume varies, one thing that remains the same is the flawless yet intricate attention to detail that flows through each perfume bottle. If you are still determining which perfume is right for you, here is a quick analysis of famous Female and Men Perfumes by Armaf to get you going.

Armaf Perfumes For Female

Club de Nuit Intense for Women

Club de Nuit Intense is a subtle fragrance that adds subtleness to your life and makes you smell like flowers all day. The Armaf women’s perfume is specially created for those who love living sophisticated lives with soft personalities. Armaf rolled out the perfume in 2013, and the cologne has received heart-pouring love from Asia and other continents.


The starting notes of the perfume contain the alluring fragrance of Rose, Saffron, and Geranium. As you spray along, the middle notes of Nutmeg, Pepper, Violet, and Caraway make the perfume worthwhile. Lastly, the base notes of Patchouli, Vanilla, Agarwood (Oud), and Amber make the perfume's scent irresistible.

Tres Jour for Women

It is a floral, woody fragrance perfect for sensual women who loves being bold and beautiful. The perfume was rolled out in 2006 as an all-season fragrance. The balanced accords of musk and florals make it the 'it' perfume for all the trendsetting ladies. It is considered one of the top Armaf perfumes.


The top note of this fragrance is orange, green tea, neroli, and lemon, followed by the heart notes of Jasmine, tuberose, and lily-of-the-valley. The base notes are sandalwood, amber, cedarwood, and musk.

Club de Nuit milestone Unisex

Club de Nuit milestone by Armaf is known for its woody floral fragrance. The two extreme ends of the accords make it perfect for both women and men. You can wear the perfume at daytime and nighttime events and flaunt your great taste in perfumes to the world with confidence.


The fragrance opens with an oriental accord of cardamom, sea notes, bergamot, and red fruit, giving it a feminine and masculine feel. The heart notes are orange Violet, White Wood, Sandalwood, and Jasmine flowers, giving it a floral touch. The base notes are Ambroxan, Musk, and Vetiver, giving it warmth and sensuality.

Club de Nuit Sillage Unisex

Armaf Club De Nuit Sillage is a relatively newer fragrance rolled out in 2020. The company marketed it as a bold and daring fragrance designed for feisty women with a Diva personality. The floral, woody fragrance and aesthetically pleasing bottle design make this cologne a perfect package.

Notes of the Perfume

The opening note is a fresh Black Currant, Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Violet Leaf, and Ginger. The heart consists of roses, iris, and Jasmine with a hint of vetiver that gives the fragrance an earthy feel. The base is composed of sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli, and ambergris, providing sensual warmth to the fragrance.

ARMAF Perfumes For Men

Hunter Intense for Men

Hunter Intense by Armaf perfume is the new men's fragrance by Armaf, is an intense, masculine scent that captures the essence of the modern man. It is a woody aromatic fragrance perfect for everyday use. The strong EDP concentration of this perfume makes each spray last for hours without needing touch-ups.


The top notes of the best Armaf perfume are bergamot, grapefruit, and lavender, giving it a fresh start that's perfect for daytime wear. The heart notes include pepper, cedarwood, and cardamom; these give it an intense warmth that makes it perfect for evening wear. And finally, the base notes are made up of ambergris, leather, and tonka bean; these give it a rich depth that lasts all day long.

Club de Nuit Man for Men

Club de Nuit Man Armaf is the first fragrance by Armaf that was created for men in the Middle East. The fragrance is a mix of oriental and woody notes with a hint of amber that gives it warmth and sensuality. It is a perfect signature perfume for classy men. Regarding Armaf perfume price, the cologne is categorized in mid-range and doesn’t cost much.


The Top notes contain the alluring fragrance of Mandarin Orange, Mint, and Grapefruit. As you move to the middle notes, you will smell the alluring scent of Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, and Pepper. Lastly, the base notes offer the sensational smell of Amber, Spicy Notes, Leather, Patchouli, and Woody Notes.

Hunter for Men

The woody floral fragrance of Hunter for men is the perfect cologne for guys who love to channel their masculinity through their fragrances. The perfume was rolled out in 2016, and ever since, people have loved the subtle citrus accord of the perfume that keeps one fresh even in the sweltering heat. It is one of the best Armaf perfumes for him.

Notes of the Perfume

The higher notes of the perfume feature Grapefruit, Rosemary, Cedar Needle, and Cardamom. Furthermore, the middle notes of the perfume offer Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose, and Olibanum. Lastly, the base notes are Cedar, Sandalwood, and Vetiver.

Derby Club House Blanche for Men

The aquatic aroma of Derby Club House makes it a perfect cologne for the summer and spring seasons. The perfume is made for men who want to step out of the box and touch all heights of possibilities.


The beginning notes will hit you with bergamot and orange while having subtle hints of aquatic accords. Moreover, the Middle notes go beyond the usual with green tea and blackcurrant. Finally, grounding the cologne and pulling everything together to give it the right male energy with the base notes of galbanum, musk, and sandalwood.

Tres Nuit Men by Armaf

It is a spicy fragrance for men who loves a classier and traditional edge to life. The perfume was released in 2014. Tres Nuit Men has been popular because of the mix of sweet Oriental accents combined with its woodsy tones, which lead to a charming scent that has an almost sexy quality about it.


The fragrance opens with top notes of bergamot and green apple. The heart notes are lavender and Amyris, which lends to the fragrance's woodsy sensuality. The base comprises amber, benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood, and cedarwood.