Azzaro Perfume for Men & Women


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Azzaro's new colognes are still notably acknowledged to be an old-school earthy classic along with one of the best fragrance ranges in the modern aroma world. Best Azzaro colognes are famous widely because of their pure elements such as citron, star anise, cedarwood, altogether that which all produce modern scents. Later after ten years of propagating out its repute, Azzaro has given originated various internationally famed products. Azzaro men’s colognes are shaped by refinement and sophistication. Best Azzaro Colognes are recognized aroma with a refreshing and impressive way. It mixes with pure sensualism with natural grace. Azzaro offers ageless seductive attractiveness.

Azzaro Perfume for Men

Azzaro cologne for men reveals personality, sensualism, and sophistication. Azzaro for men uncovers the warmth and intensity of different earthly elements. Without any doubt, Azzaro men’s fragrance is a complex and balanced creation with the composition of notes of woody perfumed fern.

This charming scent is obtainable in different fragrances for men, each one with an original and seductive fragrance. Wearing Azzaro cologne for men gives a deep meaning of manly-style conquest, elegance, and sophistication with a spicy and erotic Azzaro fragrance that lets to enjoy long-lasting seduction.

Men will always appreciate the design of the conventional perfume bottles, with the smoothed bends on the bottle and the top cap are adapted to make erotism to the marine world. The matured aroma always lingers for long times, creating it an appropriate fit for the engaged person who doesn’t constantly take a bottle of fragrance with them. Hence these fragrances are a must-have in any man’s fragrance set.

Azzaro Women's Perfume

Azzaro Women’s perfume expresses the cologne's creative philosophy: challenge convention, be daring and dare to be different. New Azzaro cologne suggests playing with freedom! Be a little unpredictable and kinky but still magnetic. Azzaro women’s perfume dares to adorn oneself with an Olfactive Art sculpture, an enchanting and seductive perfume which one can take everywhere they go. Spark your imagination, shine with charisma and radiate with intelligence.

Unpredictable, captivating, and luscious in just the perfect amounts, that fosters an all-new three-dimensional floral fragrance. These perfumes combine with the audacious notes to generate an absolute sparkler of aromas with addictive effects. One of the most anticipated Azzaro women cologne is Azzaro Wanted Girl. It is the fragrance for the mesmerizing female who adores taking chances and rising to any arousing challenges. The elegant and refined bottle is shaped glass is adorned with a gentle flower and a metallic cap: joint with the bottle's trigger, it distributes an outburst of bright and alluring scent, signifying feminine power and liberty.

Azzaro Chrome Cologne

Azzaro chrome cologne is the brand of Azzaro fragrance house that is full of musky zesty perfume for men. The fragrance was released in 2007 and was made by Olivier Pescheux and Christopher Raynaud. The perfume is more about the expressive purity of man than modern-day masculinity. The scent is encouraged by the designs of shipbuilding and the waters.

In the initial notes, sea flavors and spice get together and are instantly soothed by sweet notes of orange, apple, and tea. Following, the fragrance of moss with a slight aroma of the aquatic combines pleasantly with musk. As it steadily fades, vetiver and cedarwood add together woody notes to improve the whole tone with the entirety of the perfume with tonka bean.

Chrome Azzaro Sport cologne

Azzaro Chrome Sport was released in 2010 as a flanker to Azzaro Chrome Legend, adding elements of the masculine appeal. The scent is filled with a spicy lightness and has the captivating ability to make people take notice. It’s a very balanced scent featuring top notes of lemon, pineapple, bergamot, and apple; heart notes of jasmine, basil, and bee orchid; base notes of amber, musk, vetiver, with tonka beans and patchouli. The fragrance bottle is designed like a blue ice sheet to produce a sense of freedom, health, and exploring. Its hue is also meant to appeal to interest and enhance interest in youthful men.

Azzaro wanted cologne

Azzaro wanted cologne is a spicy woody aroma for men. It was introduced in 2016. Fabrice Pellegrin is the nose behind this perfume. Top notes are Ginger, Lemon, Mint, and Lavender. While the middle notes are Geranium, Juniper, Apple, and Guatemalan Cardamom. The base notes are Haitian Vetiver, Amberwood, and Tonka Bean.

Azzaro chrome legend cologne

Azzaro chrome legend cologne is a sensual aroma for men. It was launched in 2007 and is the combination of several different kinds of fruit, with accords like musk, moss, tea, sea spray, amber, apple, and bitter orange. Such a mature scent can be ideal for busy men who have more to do than continuously reapply throughout the day. The fruity-woody composition conveys masculinity, youth, and elegance; it is an exquisite addition to your cologne collection.

Azzaro perfume for women declares its intense influence through highly irresistible features. Carefully chosen, the elements utilized are organic and naturally pleasant. Erotic and genuinely alluring, she sparkles in the public eye. Her dazzling personality and delightful femininity brighten the whole thing in her path. Azzaro cologne stretches the untamable flowery notes of Gourmand, floral and Oriental flavors that are amazingly addictive.

Azzaro perfume for women has thenotes of oriental floral elements that create a delightfully strong fragrance to inspire desire. These colognes combine thoroughly with elements, together with ginger flower with its erotic scent, pomegranate with its refreshing tangy notes, and uplifting datura flower with its enchanting fragrance and genuinely delightful dulce de leche.

Azzaro is inspired by the spirit of its creator who lived life with passion and exuberance. Boldness guided him. He made every day an endless desire of hope, delight, and joy! Azzaro believes it’s important to live life like there’s no tomorrow. Therefore, every day the creator did something exciting and made the most out of his precious time. Inspire yourself with Passion and excitement by the Azzaro fragrances so that your own life can become a celebration of living!