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Burberry Perfumes & Colognes

Perfumes reflect your personality and make it more charming. They give off the charisma not everyone does. Have you ever noticed a CEO or a businesswoman passing by, and you can't help but admire the scent coming from them? This is what perfumes are; they represent your mark. You will find infinite scents from the house of Burberry being floral to wooden musk, citrus scent to Mirabelle sweetness, fruity aroma to the dark, sensual fragrance that indulges you in it.  

 Burberry is a luxury British design house founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. This house distinguished itself with fashion and accessories, including a now-iconic trench coat and the brand's unique and recognizable tartan pattern, which has become one of the most-copied motifs in fashion. Burberry was granted a Royal Warrant for Clothing from the British Royal Family. In 1981 they launched their fragrances.

 Burberry Perfumes for Women 

 Burberry perfumes for women collection has numerous fragrances whose scents are intensely feminine, herbaceous, and fruity. Once you start wearing these perfumes, you won't be able to stop. These scents are addicting. They can be a womanly floral scent, light wooden mist, or fruity scents with a warm spice. Burberry's touch for women's perfume can make any woman swoon over them. Burberry perfumes for her come with simple, sleek, and handy perfume bottles with tinges of beautiful colors.

 My Burberry for Women

My Burberry scent richness is packed in a classic rectangle-shaped bottle with a cornered cap adding to the elegance of the perfume. The notes used to make this beauty are sandalwood, musk, peony, plum blossom, floral gourmand, pink, peppercorn, and tangerine. It has an enriched fragrance of the spring season, expressing the bright and jubilant youth.

Burberry Weekend Eau De Parfum

Burberry weekend for women is a perfume with alluring notes of tangerine, tea, wild rose, peach blossom, and cedarwood. This has a refreshing and calming aroma to it. It has a deep citrus scent mixed with floral and scented wooden mist.

Burberry Touch Eau De Parfum

Burberry's touch for women has a juvenile, lively element to it. The notes used in this one are orange, blackcurrant, dewberry, jasmine, madonna lily, oakmoss, and vanilla element. It gives this perfume a rich, fruity scent coalesced with wooden mist; the aroma one would like to stay in for longer periods.

 Burberry London For Women

Burberry's extensive range of girly perfumes has been quite favorite among the ladies, and one such fragrance is Burberry London for Women. Those who love sweet, light, and floral scents for daily wear should opt for Burberry London. It contains the sweet notes of sandalwood, honeysuckle, musk, and patchouli. So it is a lovely floral fragrance with decent longevity. Burberry London for her comes in excellent packaging in which the perfume bottle is hidden in a cloth blanket and gives an elegant look to the perfume.

 Burberry Brit Sheet Perfume for Women 

Burberry Brit Sheer for Women comes in EDT form and is a good choice for ladies who are low on a budget. If you want to gift a decent perfume to your friend without going heavy on your budget, then Burberry Brit Sheet is perfect as it lasts for more than 4 hours in casual wear. The aesthetic-looking perfumes come in different size bottles that look classy. This floral scent contains refreshing notes of black grape, pink peony, and white musk. The delicate and dazzling fragrance of Burberry Brit Sheer is a decent scent for ladies.

Burberry Men Colognes  

Men tend to have a peculiar relish when it comes to perfumes and colognes. Their perfume should match the kind of personality they have; their perfumes should have silage, impact, and a long-lasting effect. Men prefer dark, wooden scents more, the kind of fragrance that personifies dignity and class. Burberry Perfumes for him have dispensed perfumes with enriched scents and allure to them that is irresistible. A few of the best Burberry Men’s Perfumes are:

Mr burberry Eau De Toilette

Mr. Burberry Men's Cologne has the accentuated scent of wooden mist conjoined with citrus with a slight spice of smoky amber. Mr. Burberry Notes are grapefruit, cardamom, mint, cedar, sandalwood, oakmoss, and benzoin. It's known for its warm wooden mist.

Burberry Brit for Men

Burberry Brit Cologne is known for its amber fragrance mixed with wooden scents. It gives off a sweet, musky, warm scent. The notes used in Burberry Brit for him are cardamom, ginger, green mandarin, wild rose, nutmeg, grey musk, cedar, and tonka beans. The notes add to the richness of its spicy aroma, making it an irresistible choice.

Burberry Touch For Men

Burberry Touch Cologne has a captivating mix of power, charisma, and passion. It represents robustness with its enthralling aroma, which makes you embrace and boost your true self. The notes used in this dark beauty are pepper and violet leaf enriched with musk fragrance. It can instantly make its presence known. Burberry Touch Cologne is a versatile fragrance that can be worn on various occasions. 

Burberry Weekend Men

Burberry Weekend Cologne for Men is the soul of strong men. It is a natural and citrus fragrance that represents the outdoor spirit of the brand. It is a fresh fragrance with Amber, Honey, Lemon, and Grapefruit notes. Men adore the beautifully shaped glass bottles of Burberry Weekend, which is a symbol of simplicity. Burberry Weekend for Men represents images of freedom, well-being, and relaxation with its overall look.

The Beat for Men

Burberry Beat Cologne for Men is an aromatic fragrance introduced in 2008 by the house of Burberry. It is a sharp and unique cologne with a decent sillage and longevity. If you want intense and juicy cologne for everyday wear, then Burberry Beat for Men is a good choice. The sharp notes of pepper blended with cool Vetiver and cedar make it an excellent choice for daily wear. This casual cologne is perfect all year round with its pleasant fragrance.