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The Givenchy cologne features a variety of Givenchy men’s cologne as well as for women that are geared towards the taste of design-savvy consumers who want to stand out in the crowd. Founded in 1952 by designer Givenchy, the brand has always prided itself on refining Givenchy women’s cologne along with the other gender with just a hint of fantasy and presenting them as modern classics for a well-heeled clientele eager to live the Parisian lifestyle. The lively and vibrant nature that permeates Givenchy's clothing line is carried over into their perfumes, which combine top quality ingredients with a laid-back sensibility that exudes an aura of laissez-faire French chic that appeals to savvy consumers who appreciate fine living without sacrificing pragmatism.

Perfumes are given more than enough importance in our day-to-day life. People want to smell good and what better way is there than through perfumes. Givenchy founded the brand with Audrey Hepburn when he gifted her the first-ever made Givenchy perfume. L'Interdit perfume was what Audrey Hepburn got from Givenchy while they were dating and it proved to be so popular among her fans that she requested Givenchy to sell it to the public as well, which he did.

Givenchy Cologne For Men

One of the leading producers of men’s cologne is Givenchy perfumes for men. Givenchy has a line of Givenchy men’s cologne that is an extension of the Givenchy product brand. They are known for their refined designs enlivened with a touch of fantasy and epitomizing the ultimate globally. The most popular Givenchy perfume for men is Gentleman. Men adopt this as the magical and dashing events of Christmas. Givenchy derives encouragement from the white snowy garden of Hubert de Givenchy and brings a feeling of delight to its symbols and icons. Men prefer to add a dosage of awe and wonder to their lives with the brand’s most appealing and charming fragrance set. Gentleman Givenchy gives a new sense of addictive originality. The tenderness and calmness of the blue iris welcome the intensity of lavish cedarwood. For a gentleman as self-confident as he is kind-hearted.

Givenchy Perfumes For Her

Women inspired Givenchy perfumes, with Givenchy finding his inspiration from his wife. However, although Givenchy started out creating Givenchy women's cologne, he did not exclude men from being able to experience and appreciate the delicate scents of a Givenchy fragrance. Man or woman, there is something equally appealing in the many popular scents that have been produced under the Givenchy brand over the years. The face of Givenchy fragrances may come and go over time, but the brand continues to be exquisite with Givenchy women's cologne such as Xeryus or Amarige and colognes for men such as Play Intense or Pi. One of the popular scents, Amarige is a Floral perfume for women. Amarige was introduced in 1991. The nose at the back of this aroma is Dominique Ropion. Top notes are Peach, Neroli, Plum, Brazilian Rosewood, Orange, Mandarin, Violet, and Orange Blossom.  Middle notes are Mimosa, Tuberose, Orchid, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Red Berries, Jasmine, Gardenia, Black Currant, Cassia, Carnation, and Black locust. To add spice to the base notes there is Vanilla, Tonka beans, Sandalwood, Amber,  Woody Notes, Cedar, and Musk.

Givenchy Very Irresistible Perfumes

Givenchy Very Irrésistible perfume is a French sophistication with an impudent surprise. It is classified as astonishing, spectacular, and instinctive. At its soul, a profoundly womanly floral scent is present. Very Irrésitible is the main women’s scented floral perfume. A handful of different types of roses or a flower bouquet. A combination and balanced mixture of the musky harmony of star anise lightens the notes of flowery elements of rose, emphasizing the sensualism with flavor. It is considered as Courageous creativity that’s surprising and unexpected.

Pi Neo-Givenchy Cologne

Thinking outside of the box that Givenchy created this new Pi Neo scent. A concept that owes its noble origins to the craft of perfume connoisseurship. The dynamic development of Pi Neo is similar to that of other exploratory missions, full of lofty ideas and unexpected discoveries. There's certainly no lack of fresh woody notes present in both the top and base notes, ultimately resulting in a bold masculine fragrance that's both vivacious and slightly reminiscent of an incense-like odor.

Givenchy dedicates its new interpretation of Pi to daring men who are not afraid of venturing into mysterious lands. They possess an inner sense of freedom, and they know this sense is directly related to the discovery of previously unseen landscapes and realms in places where no human has set foot before. Pi Neo-Givenchy is a fragrance for these sorts of adventurous types. This woody, contemporary scent conveys vibrant energy with a luminous masculine bottle that will guide them through their never-ending journey of joy and pleasure.

Givenchy has long been a pioneer of the perfume industry. It was Hepburn, one of the most influential actresses in Hollywood at the time, who first wore Givenchy’s L’Interdit which inspired many more women to wear Givenchy cologne regularly. Today, Givenchy cologne and Givenchy perfume continue to be popular fragrance choices for many. The brand's popularity is reflected by the number of perfumes and colognes offered by Givenchy. Men who are interested in Givenchy men’s cologne will conveniently find all of the brand's products for men having the exact match of their personality. The vivid and eye-catching bottles of the Givenchy women’s perfume make it easy for consumers to let their fragrances speak for themselves and the way they enjoy their life with their favorite scents.