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Jovan Perfume For Ladies & Mens

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Jōvan cologne is a line of fragrance for women and men created by Barry Shipp in 1972. The perfume's unique odor is the result of careful making by co-founder Murray Moscona who spent years achieving the oil musk's first repetition which was initially marketed as a separate cologne.

Today, Jovan still produces many of its fabulous Jovan cologne, including Musk for Men and Egypt Musk. If you want to indulge in the full Jovan experience though, I would highly endorse getting some of the classic scents as well. Some individual favorites include black musk as well as Island Gardenia. Price matters, but the presentation should be top precedence when it comes to fragrance. Jovan Musk is a reasonable option that performs well and offers anywhere between six to eight hours of wear before needing a refresh. This perfume has modest excellent and sillage projection, but it tends not to last meantime on your pulse points

Jovan Perfume For Men

Jovan Musk for Men by Jovan is a Woody Flowery Musk Jovan men’s cologne. The first use of this fragrance was in the year 1973 and it is one of those few perfumes still made today. The nose that created this specific scent is Murray Moscona. The top notes are Pepper, Amalfi Lemon, Carnation, and Lime; middle notes are Lavender, Spices, Mint, and Amber; base notes are Woodsy Notes and musk.

White Musk by Jovan is an odoriferous Jovan's men cologne made of a mixture of musk and green mix notes. White Musk was launched in 1992. Its top notes are watermelon, mint, citrus fruits, Granny Smith apple, and thyme; its middle notes include clove and geranium, and the base note is white musk.

Black Musk by Jovan is the typical manly musk and one of the best Jovan perfumes for him. It is a Woody scent for men. This just goes to show you that not only can men smell sweet, but they can also smell potent!

Jovan perfume for ladies

Jovan women perfume is a woody, spicy fragrance for women. This womanly scent was created in 1976. Top notes include coriander, nutmeg,  and orange flower. The well-appointed aroma continues to evolve as middle notes of ylang-ylang and vetiver appear, with base notes of amber, sandalwood, and musk concluding the blend.

Black Musk Jovan cologne is a floral cologne first released by Jovan in 1984 and is measured as a traditional women's scent. The preliminary notes of black musk are floral, and the base notes are musk, woody, and amber which help the cologne to not only last longer on the wearer but also help to tone down some of the sharper aromas of this cologne. It has been added to many different beauty product lines as well though primarily used in perfumes/colognes.

Women perfume by Jovan is a sophisticated and delicate aroma that is sure to grab attention. Musk was introduced in 1972 and became very popular amongst those who appreciate the strong flowers of aromatic jasmine, lavender, and lemon mixed with the rare cotton candelabra tree and deep, seductive musk. This long-lasting cologne is sure to be one of your favorites.

White Musk is A spicy, sensual floral for women. It was created by the house of Jovan in 1990 and is a unisex scent that's perfect for both men and women alike. The most prominent notes are ylang-ylang, jasmine, and honeysuckle.

Jovan island gardenia perfume

 Jovan Island Gardenia perfume by Jovan is a Flowery cologne for women. Island Gardenia was launched in 1982. This gentle and wild at the same time, cologne was inspired by the beauty of nature. The simple colognes of dew-drenched lenient gardenias warmed by the sun were joint to create this lovely scent that would bear like a natural work of art year

Jovan secret amber perfume

 Jovan Secret Amber perfume by Jovan was released in 2012. It is a beautiful cologne for both men and women that contains a wide array of spice notes ranging from Ginger to Nutmeg, and Rose to Cinnabar. Secret Amber is a mixture of several base notes including Vanilla, Amber, and Musk.

Jovan Secret Amber perfume by Jovan is a beautiful amber vanilla aroma made for wear by women and men. Launched in 2012, this gourmand oriental vanilla cologne was intended to invoke memories of the Orient. Secret Amber features spices like ginger and nutmeg and, with middle notes of creamy undertones including rose petals and cinnamon, coupled with base notes of vanilla, powdery amber, and musk.

Jovan perfume for women features the bergamot, jasmine, and neroli will calm your senses while you get ready to uncheck on a date or go out for drinks at night. Its physical twist leaves you feeling confident in your skin and glowing a magnetic shine like freshly polished gold.

Jovan perfume is an Aromatic Spicy cologne for men. Which was launched in 1975. A stimulating and provocative mix of rare herbs and spice was pretended with the express wish to seduce you would-be-lover-by-choice. The secret of tempting sex appeal lies within this rousing mixture of fiery East Indian spices, amped up by new tangy notes. It evokes the burning hot vigor of sensual passion and is laced with pure carnal magnetism.

Jovan Silky Rose perfume by Jovan is a flowery sweet cologne for women and men. The cologne was released in 2012. The cologne features top notes of rose, red currant, and patchouli, herbal middle notes of orange blossom, rose, and jasmine, and base notes of vanilla, musk, and amber.

Jovan Musk perfume for Men by Jovan is a comforting and cozy blend of spices and pepper. Inspired by the Musk fragrant flower, this woody cologne brings out the traditional aroma without being overly musky to let you enjoy your favorite activities without getting in the way of your active lifestyle. Every day can be calming with a little added cologne, thanks to this sole formula that enables easy access throughout your entire daily routine. This classic fragrance has stood the test of time due to its fresh yet masculine notes that assault just the right balance through the citrus fruits and spice used in the original formula. White Musk has a woody and floral musk cologne and the fragrance is known for being light yet sensual.