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Kilian Perfumes & Colognes

Discover the unique and unforgettable fragrances from Kilian Perfume House. Kilian is a luxury brand founded by Kilian Hennessy, who went to study perfumery and created unique fragrances. As a Young Boy, he wrote his thesis about the languages of scents which increased his curiosity to pursue a career in Perfumes. Kilian Hennessy took training under the best noses and big brands like Armani, Dior, and McQueen. He created masterpiece fragrances each year. His famous perfume collections are Arabian Nights, Addictive State of Mind, Asian Tales, From Dusk till Dawn, In the Garden of Good & Evil, My Kind of Love, and many other famous perfumes. The company emphasizes the use of refillable and reusable packaging. The first perfume from the brand was launched in 2007, so it's a new brand that became famous quickly. 

Kilian Perfumes for Men and Women

Kilian perfumes are inspiring, bold, and seductive fragrances. Kilian offers men, women, and unisex fragrances if you want to upgrade your perfume collection with exclusive perfumes. These perfumes elevate your mood and boost your confidence at the workplace. Amber, Musk, and Leather scents are perfect for day and night wear. Kilian Eau De Parfums are great products if you want to give your loved ones the best gift. The Kilian Feminine scents can be the best gift for your girlfriend, especially if she likes floral perfumes containing jasmine and bergamot. A sophisticated man with a great personality must go for Kilian Man Cologne, such as Straight to Heaven, Dark Lord, and other famous Kilian Perfumes for Men. 

Kilian Unisex Perfumes

Kilian Unisex fragrances include famous perfumes like Do It For Love, Black Phantom, Moonlight in Heaven, Rolling in Love, Intoxicated, Vodka on the Rocks, and others. 

Kilian Moon Light in Heaven 

Kilian Moon Light in Heaven is a unisex perfume with an exotic fragrance.  Moonlight Perfume by Kilian belongs to the citrus family with notes of tasty mango and jasmine perfectly blended with coconut milk and rice. Tonka Bean and Vetiver contribute to the delicacy of this fresh citrus fragrance. This unique perfume with citrus fruits and aquatic notes opens the doors of heaven. It is an enchanting summer fragrance that brings comfort and happiness to the wearer's face.