Xerjoff Perfume for Men & Women

Xerjoff Perfume for Men & Women

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Xerjoff is a luxury brand from Italy that launched in 2003 when Sergio Momo decided to cater exclusively to people who understand the value of fine cologne products. Each Xerjoff product is made from high-quality and expensive ingredients, and though they have the best xerjoff perfume each is tailored to push the envelope with different aromas.

 Xerjoff Group S.p.A. is an Italian - Turin-based - cologne house founded in 2010 that is dedicated to luxury perfumes and scents. Xerjoff aims to share the magic of colognes to create or re-create olfactory masterpieces inspired by a personal, sensual vision of contemporary life; a vision deeply anchored in art, culture, and design and through continuous research of the material world, nature, and elegance in cologne. Designer Xerjoff has 134 perfumes in cologne base. The earliest Xerjoff cologne edition was created in 2007 and the newest is from 2021.

Xerjoff for men

Homme is a distinguished and masculine scent that was launched in 2007 by Xerjoff. The aroma reminds you of the days when men were not afraid of strong smells, like leather for example. It has top notes that include citrus and spices such as mandarin orange, peppered bergamot, and cardamom. Middle notes include clove, lavender, and ylang-ylang and are accompanied by heart notes of cedarwood, musk, tobacco leaf, and pink pepper. Base notes consist of benzoin resinoid petitgrain and with vetivert ad Somali geraniums earthy patchouli leaves pressed hyacinth to add earth tonalities while the white amber glow in the background to complete this mysterious blend.

Xerjoff cologne is a Citrus Aromatic cologne that can be worn by men, women, and kids alike. On the opening notes, it will bring to mind fresh grapefruit, cooling bergamot, and bright lemon slices. Smelling xerjoff you may also be reminded of geranium leaves, flowery lavender, rich rose petals, and satisfying iris. As you continue appreciating the cologne note pyramid you might notice this signature oriental aroma has an aptly sweet base with an underlying undercurrent of tension in dry amber resin and sandalwood, and spicy olibanum. 

Xerjoof for Women

Xerjoff women perfume is an aromatic citrus cologne for women. Fiore d'Ulivo was launched in 2009 by Xerjoff, and the cologne's nose is Angeline Leporine. Top notes of this scent include lotus, Amalfi lemon, and basil that lead to mid notes of magnolia, olive blossom, and jasmine which all fade seamlessly into musk base notes such as benzoin and amber. Perfume by Xerjoff is mainly a floral fruity fragrance for women that was released in 2013. The core of Gran Ballo is composed of vanilla, orange blossom, soft precious woods. Its top notes feature peach and guava, while violet leaves and freesia offer a beautiful finish to this classy number.

Xerjoff is a refreshing scent for both men and women who enjoy owning items that are well designed. It has been launched recently into the market and will soon be available at your favorite departmental stores such as Boots. Italica xerjoff perfume is an appealing cologne with attractive top, middle and base notes making it worth trying. It has a blend of milk, almond, saffron for its top notes which are followed by toffee and vanilla for the heart notes. These are finally balanced by cedar, sandalwood, and musk to create the cologne that lasts long on your skin all day long.

Xerjoff perfume can be found in the Woody Floral Musk category under Women's colognes and Men's perfumes. It is a cologne launched in 2019 that was created by Chris Maurice. This scent features top notes of Turkish Rose, Fruit, and middle notes of Nutmeg, Ylang-Ylang, Leather, and Amber while the base notes are Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk, Virginia Cedar, and Haitian Vetiver.