About Us

PerfumePlusOutlet is a trusted name in the world of fragrances. Our hard work has helped us achieve a prominent position in the world of perfume retail. Our story started in 1999, and the commitment has made us touch great heights. The perfumery industry is growing daily, and people worldwide are getting more interested in new smells daily. As a company, we want to make it easy for perfume enthusiasts to find authentic colognes at a user-friendly price.

The Idea

You may have seen many other websites on the internet selling perfumes like us, but many of these stores are illegal, unauthorized by Google, and selling a master copy of famous perfumes. We wanted scent purchasing to be a wonderful experience for our customers; therefore, not only are all our products a hundred percent authentic, we also offer a vast variety of famous and branded fragrances that still need to be discovered.

We set the foundation of this website with the sole intention of providing them with legit perfumes. Besides that, we value the time and energy you spent finding the best cologne; therefore, you can find excellent helping articles in our blog section where we cover all aspects of perfumes. 

Whether you are an avid perfume purchaser or new to the world of perfumery, perfumeplusoutlet is here to meet all your fragrance-related needs, anywhere, anytime. We are building a strong foundation of loyal customers who can do anything but to compromise the quality and authenticity of the perfumes.

100% Original Fragrances

Many people ask, is perfume plus outlet legit? The answer is yes. We are a legit online store that sells original products. As mentioned before, all our products are 100% percent original and authentic. Usually, when you purchase perfumes from stores, you pay them extra bucks; however, we know the value of your money. Therefore, Perfumeplusoutlet sells all colognes at a lesser price with no hidden charges. Our user-friendly interface makes navigation and product hunting easy for the customers. Moreover, we also provide our customers a 24/7 chat support where you can ask any question regarding your purchasing decision, and our customer care officer will guide you throughout. You can also find discount perfumes on our website.

Authentication from Google

It is a great honor for us that we are Google Certified. This means that Google has approved all the products and services we provide to our customers. We also offer legit products; this authentication is the most significant evidence. Google-authenticated stores are a great way to showcase to the customers a store's potential and its high-level trustworthiness.

Multiple Payment Platforms

You can pay for your favorite products in multiple ways, including Google Pay. Moreover, we provide payment protection channels so that you do not get scammed or into data breach policies.

Positive customers review at all times

We consistently demonstrate our sales from legit customers on our website as a token of trust to others. People not only purchase but also leave good reviews on our products. from the fragrance profile to the shipment duration, you can read it all in the reviews received by authentic customers. Our customer family is very intimate and is growing each day.

All-time Availability

You can contact our support team any of the day. We value all your questions and love to resolve queries that stop you from buying perfumes. You can chat with our customer representatives or even email and call the managing authority if something is bothering you. We believe in a hundred percent transparency so that people get the total value of their money and do not find any stopping factor against purchasing the perfume. Unlike other fragrance online outlets, Perfumeplusoutlet believes in a glitch-free connection between the customer and the e-commerce store.

Access the FAQs

Frequently asked questions can resolve many queries a customer might have for a product. Luckily, we are dedicating an entire page to FAQs that give valuable commonly asked answers to many questions customers have. If something is bothering you regarding our products or service, go through the page.

Return Policy

Perfumeplusoutlet genuinely cares about the needs of the customers. Therefore, we are also reserving a section of the return policy. If you do not like any product or received a faulty one, you can always opt for a return policy. Go through the page and get the required information about the returning issue. Almost all outlets have a restricted return policy, but perfumeplusoutlet stands high among others.

The high-quality Perfumes keep you coming back for more

Our high-quality products are our pride. Once purchased, we are sure you will come back for more. The quick delivery helps deliver the product within a few days making online shopping a step ahead in terms of convenience.  

Our Commitment

PerfumePlusOutlet offers popular fragrances like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Versace, Dior, Creed, Paco Rabanne, Carolina Herrera, Ariana Grande, Davidoff, Vera Wang, and many other designer brands. We take a guarantee to provide our customers with genuine perfumes and colognes. We say No to imitation and master copies. We have thousands of satisfied customers who love scents and leave positive reviews. Please note that we don’t manufacture any of the products listed here, but PerfumePlusOutlet is the vender of only genuine fragrances.

We are Open to Suggestions or Complaints

We feel pride when customers leave positive remarks regarding their shopping experience at, and we are open to any suggestions or problems faced by our lovely customers. If you want to give your valuable advice for a better shopping experience or you have any other questions in mind, then feel free to contact us at

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