Paul Sebastian Cologne For Women & Men

Paul Sebastian Cologne For Women & Men

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The remarkable yet extraordinary brand name of Paul Sebastian was invented by two New Jersey locals, namely Alan Sebastian Greco and Leonard Paul Cuozzo. The pair launched their first perfume in 1979 and called it Paul Sebastian Fine CologneDespite this, Paul Sebastian cologne was advertised regionally and only in the New Jersey area; the success story and achievement of the aroma reached very far and wide as interest in the Paul Sebastian perfume grew and had led to a much greater distribution network of the cologne.

Even though the Paul Sebastian cologne lacked much advertising, the brand came into fame due to its distinctive marketing methods and promotion techniques, such as giving away the Paul Sebastian cologne gift set with many other purchases. The first women’s perfume was introduced in 1985 and was named Design, and the men’s version of design cologne was introduced in the year 1995 after ten years of the first one.

Paul Sebastian Men's Cologne

Men take a lot of time choosing a particular perfume as it is an important thing in their day-to-day lives that defines them. They opt for taking a perfect amount of time to find a cologne that suits them. They consider it is choosing properly more important than selecting a piece of cloth or some fashion accessory/item. A perfectly-chosen scent will echo their inner-self while acknowledging and channeling their character. So, it is essential to take their time and think when picking a perfume for men. Paul Sebastian perfumes offer men colognes that suit their image and perfectly match their personality. That gives them more confidence and helps them make an impression around those they are standing. Paul Sebastian's fragrance touches the skin and gives an intense emotion to the soul and body both at the same time, keeping in mind the arrangement of notes in the fragrance from time to time.

One of the best Perfumes that Paul Sebastian offers to men is Design for men, Fine cologne for men, and PS casual for men. The amazing part of these colognes is they keep a touch of softness even with the manly perfumes to reflect the soft and elegant nature of men who opt to wear this perfume in public. This is one of the main reasons why these colognes have great market value in men and women.

Paul Sebastian Cologne For Women

As choosing a perfect cologne for men matters, Women also want to have a delicate and complex fragrance. Just from being a very simple trivial accessory, the Paul Sebastian perfume always works as a mirror of the individuality and persona of the female who wears it when selected with care among the given choices of the Paul Sebastian perfume range. Therefore, a woman needs to find her unique style of available perfumes. The perfume may be selected according to the style, Season, and mood. It is interesting to understand which olfactive family a certain female belongs to be sure of which orient and variant of Paul Sebastian fragrance they lie in and want to go for. This different olfactive family includes the Woody family, the Chypre family, the Floral family, the Oriental/amber family, the Citrus family, and the Fougere family.

Females prefer to have a unique and discreet fragrance with powerful, persistent, and strong trails in it. If they want to have a warm and engaging style that would probably appreciate the sensual and gourmand Paul Sebastian fragrances. On the other hand, if they have a bit charming type of persona, the woody and oriental type of Paul Sebastian perfume would be best for them to define them in a better way. Additionally, the balsamic and vanilla notes would also add pleasantness to the nose and surroundings to give a better even sense of sensuality and warmness.

Paul Sebastian Casual

Paul Sebastian casual for women is a floral perfume for ladies that endures the beauty of flowers and accepts the scent of the flowers as the best gift of nature. Casual was introduced in the year 1995. The top notes of the aromatic cologne are Lily-of-the-Valley, rose, Jasmine, and Citruses. As the top notes vanish in the air and the middle notes come in the front line the fruity notes start to replenish the environment with the notes of Ylang-Ylang, Cyclamen, and other Fruity Notes. The base notes are a bit spicy that depicts the sharp and bold nature of females wearing it with the help of elements such as Tonka beans, Heliotrope, and Tuberose.