Bond No 9

Bond No 9

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Bond No 9 offers musky, beautiful, floral, and woody fragrances. You will find an amazing collection of the best Bond No 9 perfumes for men and women. Their New York collection is famous among fashionable people. Each fragrance from Bond no 9 is unique and lovely in its own way. 

Laurice Rahmé is French-born, American businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the founder, creator, and president of Bond No. 9 New York Fragrances. In 2003, Laurice Rahmé launched her own fragrance company, Bond No. 9. In 2011, Ms. Rahmé launched the I LOVE NY by Bond No. 9 collection. It is a smaller collection of fragrances produced in partnership with the State of New York. The perfume bottles bear the "I Love NY" logo designed by Milton Glaser.

Bond No 9 Perfumes for Men 

 Bond No 9 fragrances offer something extraordinary for modern men. Their top, middle, and base notes are a combination of scentful fragrances. You can purchase your favorite Bond No 9 men’s cologne at Perfume Plus Outlet. 

 Wall Street Cologne is a unique fragrance with aquatic and oceanic notes. Its longevity is amazing, and it remains detectable for more than 7 hours. Highly popular Bond No 9 cologne for men is the New York Nights which is a dreamy fragrance. It is best suited for autumn and winter nights and lasts for more than 5 hours. New York Nights is mysterious, alluring, and seductive fragrances among all the collections. Thousands of people adore this special fragrance from the luxury brand. 

 Bond No 9 Unisex Fragrances include Bleecker Street Eau de Parfum Spray, B9, and Jones Beach. The fragrances come in stylish bottles and contain seductive blends of fruity notes. Chez Bond No 9 is an excellent unisex fragrance famous for its longevity.

Bond No 9 Perfumes for Women 

 Bond No 9 is a unique fragrance due to three special reasons; first, it pays tribute to New York, second because of its colorful perfume bottles; and third, their perfumes are expensive as compared to other brands. All the ladies' fragrances will add up to your personality and help you stand out among the rest of the crowd. 

 Chinatown by Bond No 9 is a classy, elegant, and vibrant one. Chinatown is loved by women and men of every age because of the floral scents. Its top notes contain Peach Blossom and Bergamot, while the base notes are rich in sandalwood, vanilla, cardamom, and Guaiac wood. Its romantic, classy bottle is another attraction for ladies.

 The Scent of Peace for her is another moody, musky, and floral fragrance for ladies. The scent of peace remains detectable for hours, and it is an ideal fragrance for spring and summer. It contains refined notes of Grapefruit, lily, musk, cedarwood, and black currant. The opening fragrances are all about juicy fruits and aromatic flowers. Its projection, longevity, and versatility are incomparable.

 Bond No 9 Gold Coast Perfume is an ideal fragrance to wear in spring and summer due to its fresh, juicy, and aquatic notes. The apple, lychee, and watermelon notes are the best fruity notes in this perfume. The base notes are a combination of sandalwood and musk. Overall, it is a nice fragrance and worth a try.