5 Tips for Making a Perfume Last Longer

5 Tips for Making a Perfume Last Longer

Applying perfumes, again and again, can be full of a hassle as it might make you feel tired and nauseated with all the smell. In fact, having a hint of your favorite perfume throughout the day is indeed one of the joys in life that cannot be measured. Thankfully, there are numerous approaches through which you can make your perfume last longer. In this article, I have assorted 5 excellent tips that would help you make your perfume last all day.

Tips to Make your Fragrance Last Longer

Locate your Pulse Point

Pulse points of the body are the warmest and might hold onto the fragrance better than any other regions. The neck and wrist are the main pulse spots for many perfume enthusiasts. However, many other places are lesser known that holds perfume better. These unique pulse points will expand the perfume's intensity and permanence. Experts suggest that you crease elbow and region present behind the knees a whirl. Besides that, some sneaky pulse areas such as behind the ear, inside the throat (near the clavicle), and abdomen points located over the pubic bone are also perfect for perfumes. It is also advised that you skip points with damaged or delicate skin, as fragrances may act as solid irritants.

Do not 'Rub' the Perfume

No matter how much you want to do it, try to avoid rubbing as it may not be suitable for the perfume's longevity. Many among us prefer spritzing the scent and then rubbing it rigorously on different body areas. Allow the spray to dry down naturally if you want it to last longer. This way, you will not crush the fragrance's top notes present in the perfume. If you are into aromatherapy, the natural drying down of the scent will help you get the most out of the perfume. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, we advise you gently tap the perfume rather than rubbing it to disperse it equally.

Use Petroleum Jelly

Perhaps, many among us know this trick but forget to practice it while applying the perfume of choice. All you must do is use a thin layer of any petroleum jelly on the easy-to-locate pulse points. Spritz the perfume on these regions, and you will notice your perfumes start lasting longer. Besides that, another handy tip is that you start using oil base perfumes as it remains on the skin for a longer span than EDTs. Apply petroleum jelly after taking a bath to smell good throughout the day. You can also use baby oil if you do not have petroleum jelly at home, as both these do the same job. Ensure that your pulse point is not over-grease as it might stain your clothing. While applying the fragrance, make sure you do not spray it closely as it does not allow the perfume to last more than 2 hours. Once done, gently tap the fragrance.

Ensure Skin Hydration

A well-hydrated supple skin holds extreme importance for several reasons. Drink 8 cups of water daily so that your skin contains the fragrance without much hassle. You are also advised to eat water-rich fruits that give the body a high amount of water and keep body odors at bay. More hydration is essential in humid and hot months of the years as we sweat profusely, leading to foul body odor. You can also use a perfumed lotion with high water content. It is also beneficial for keeping the fragrance on the skin for a longer span. The rule is applicable for day and night perfumes.

Spray-on clothes

It is not a well-known fact; however, practicing this step would ensure more longevity than another step mentioned in this article. Spray your favorite perfume on your clothes before going out, and it would make your perfume last longer throughout the day. According to experts, body oil and sweat can hinder the performance of a fragrance; therefore, spritzing it on the fabric increases its longevity. However, if you wear different perfumes day and night, do not spray your night perfume over your day perfume as the smell might end up giving you an intense headache; instead, change your clothes before applying a new fragrance.

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