Women Prefer Men who wear Cologne: Top 10 Fragrance Myths Debunked

Women Prefer Men who wear Cologne: Top 10 Fragrance Myths Debunked

Fragrances are directly linked with your mood and pheromones; therefore, I believe that it has a strong impact on your personality. When it comes to the opposite gender, many believe the colognes are a strong attraction factor. Now, the question is whether it is true or just a made-up factor to keep the lonely men in the world happy and hopeful. This article will share some interesting facts about perfumes and their myths.

The 10 Biggest Myths About Fragrance Debunked

Perfumes give a boost to masculinity with different notes of fragrances. Both females and males find it an essential part of their wardrobe; therefore, the classier a perfume is, the better it gets.

According to research published in personality and Individual differences, men are visual while women have olfactory cues for mating choice. Here are a few factors:

1. Scents help in finding Potential Partners

Women seem to be more driven toward men who smell good or wear high-quality perfume. Men are attracted to women's shape, body proportions, skin, and facial features. On the contrary, women decide biological mating compatibility by signals from a man's odor. Although most male populations do not prefer wearing perfume, it is important to sustain in the mating pool.

2. Perfume isn't good for your hair

We have been told that perfumes are not good for our hair and the 'Alcohol' in them can damage our hair. You can spray perfume all over your head if you want good smelling hair. However, moderation is the key. Please do not go overboard with the perfume as it unsettles people around you to be in the same room.

3. Perfume grab attention in a new place

Yes, perfumes do turn heads in a crowded place. Apart from attracting the opposite gender's attention, perfume also makes you stand out among the crowd. This fact is especially true for the stronger smells and oil-based perfumes. Leading Spice and tobacco notes in a perfume prove to be more recognizable in a gathering

4. The perfume smells the same on the skin as it does on the hand

Many of us believe that perfume smells the same as on paper. It is not true as the smell gets blended on the hand more quickly than on paper. The heat and moisture on the skin surface break the scented oil, thus spoiling the fragrance smell. So, the myth is pause because perfume will smell slightly different than it does on paper.

5. Spray the Perfume in the air and walk through it

No, you should not! Spraying the perfume in the air and then walking through it can give a vague smell that lasts for a few minutes. The dryer your skin is, the more scent it will give off. Therefore, the ideal spot for spraying perfume is your neck and hands in a dried-up state. This will also help your scent to last longer.

6. Rub the Fragrance in your hand

Nope, it would not make your fragrance last longer. Therefore, I would advise you to spritz your perfume on your hand to keep the scented oil intact. Rubbing the perfume on your wrist will deteriorate the notes and reduce the smelling hours of the scent. Therefore, always choose dried areas of your body that you do not touch often.

7. All Fragrance comes with the same strength

The strength of the perfume directly depends on the oil proportions in the perfume. Stronger and lasting perfumes tend to have more scent oil content than alcohol. Usually, these perfumes are expensive too. On the contrary, the cheaper perfumes have lesser oil content and more alcohol level, making them evaporate instantly.

8. The greater the strength, the better the perfume

Many of us believe that strength is directly proportional to the performance of a perfume. However, this myth is false. A good quality perfume should not have greater strength as it can give way to allergies and other sinus issues. If you are prone to sinusitis, find a perfume with medium strength because it contains fragrances that don't trigger allergies.

9. Men's fragrance is only for men

While growing up, we were told that perfumes are gender specified; therefore, women should not wear men's cologne, and men should put on women's perfumes. But do you know that one-third of men's perfumes are sold and worn by women? There is an uncanny attraction between perfumes that compel wearers. So, next time you go to a perfume shop, choose and purchase perfume despite the gender specification because we are free to express ourselves however we like. Our freedom of expression defines our personality and uniqueness.

10. Scent smell the same on everyone

Most people think that perfume smells the same for everyone, but this is not entirely true because when 2 different people wear the same perfume, the dominant fragrance notes are different for both of them. According to scientists, our body chemistry pushes certain fragrance notes. Our genetics and our eating pattern play a big role in it.


Perfume is one of the dominant aspects of our personality linked with our aesthetic sense. However, there is so much that you do not know about perfumes and how it affects us. In this article, we are debunking perfumes' myths and common misconceptions. Read through and learn these fun facts, which I am sure you do not know before or have been told wrongly. One such myth is that women are attracted to men who wear cologne. You will be amazed to know that research reveals that women are attracted to men's perfume. So, next time you buy cologne for yourself, know that it can attract the opposite gender in ways you did not imagine.

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