YSL Black Opium for Women- The Most Celebrated Fragrance

YSL Black Opium for Women- The Most Celebrated Fragrance

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Perfume for Women is the top-selling luxury fragrance from the house of YSL. A fragrance beyond the imagination has been selling like hotcakes for three decades. The success of the Black Opium line is celebrated by modern perfume lovers who look for something addictive and stylish. Here I would like to give YSL black opium review and the notes that make this fragrance more powerful and attractive.

Presentation of Perfume

The Black Opium by YSL is presented in a classic black bottle with a rock n' roll interpretation, and the mysterious thing about the presentation is that the bottle shines in the dark.

YSL Black Opium Notes

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Pear, Orange Blossom

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Black Coffee, Almond, Liquorice

Base Notes: Cedar, Vanilla, Patchouli, Cashmere Wood

My Personal Opinion

The top note of this fragrance is pear which makes it sweet and juicy, thus setting the tone of this perfume. Pink Pepper and Orange Blossom contribute to this scent's spicy and citrus flavor. In the middle, powerful intoxicating notes of black coffee give the Black Opium for Women a dark and sensual touch. The rich notes of jasmine and almond further enhance the sweetness of this perfume. The makers of Black Opium Eau De Parfum have skillfully balanced the sweetness with the freshness of flowers. This chic-flic, cozy and pleasing fragrance is modern yet classic in its own way.

The black opium EDP is not sharp in terms of staying power compared to the original vintage versions, so you have to do various re-applications to enjoy the fragrance.

Why Should One Like Yves YSL Black Opium?

Black Opium is one of the versatile fragrances from the house of Saint Laurent. This perfume is best for the winter months, so you must wear it to groom your personality and make an impact on others.

Where to buy this scent?

Black Opium for Women by YSL is available in various online stores, but you will find the original fragrance at the most trusted perfume outlet for up to 50% off. Now get YSL Black Opium from and avail of the limited-time discount.

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